We regret to inform our many loyal followers and supporters that due to a number of circumstances, this year’s Kazoo Area Foot Chase has been cancelled. We are grateful to all who have participated, sponsored and volunteered to make this fun and unique event such a tremendous success over its 14 year run. Your commitment to this event greatly helped Michigan Concerns of Police Survivors provide important support to those who have lost a loved one or co-worker to a law enforcement line of duty death. You have made a difference. Thank you!
As we move into the future, we are looking at additional opportunities in the Kalamazoo area to support Michigan Concerns of Police Survivors, as we believe strongly in their mission and all of the good works that they do. Please stay tuned to this site for opportunities to join us at future events in our area. And please support law enforcement whenever you can. Such support is needed now more than ever!
Stay safe!
– Dave Ostrem